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Visit us at our Kowloon HQ. Wanchai Showroom closed for Renovation.
Visit us at our Kowloon HQ. Wanchai Showroom closed for Renovation.
Meet Our New Aprons

Meet Our New Aprons

Our latest collection of aprons, meticulously designed to meet the demands of today's culinary professionals. Our new range, including the Frisco Snap Butcher Apron*, Ridgewood Bib Apron, and Brio Half Bistro Apron, combine style, comfort, and functionality to enhance your performance in the kitchen. Each piece is crafted with precision, incorporating innovative features such as breathable fabrics, ergonomic designs, and practical storage solutions. Join us as we delve into the unique attributes that make our new aprons the perfect addition to your culinary wardrobe, and discover why top chefs trust our apparel to support them in their culinary pursuits.

*please note that the neck straps are sold seperately with this particular style, allowing you to mix and match your colours to create your very own unique Apron.

Explore Our Aprons

Ridgewood Bib Apron 

Why You'll Love It:
Durable & Trendy: The Ridgewood Bib Apron combines robust fabric with a chic design, making it a durable yet stylish choice.
Plenty of Pockets: Keep your tools and personal items handy with multiple spacious pockets.
Adjustable Comfort: Adjustable neck and waist straps ensure a perfect fit every time.
    Functional Fashion: The Ridgewood Bib Apron isn’t just about protecting your clothes—it’s about looking good while doing it.


    Brio Half Bistro Apron

    Why You'll Love It:
    Compact & Efficient: Ideal for chefs who prefer a shorter apron without compromising on storage space.
    Quality Fabric: Made from a sturdy cotton-poly blend, it’s built to withstand the kitchen’s demands.
    Handy Pockets: Keep your essentials close at hand with spacious pockets.
      Effortlessly Stylish: The Brio Half Bistro Apron is perfect for those who value convenience and style in equal measure.


      Frisco Snap Butcher Apron

      Why You'll Love It:
      Durable & Versatile: Made from a durable cotton/poly blend, this apron is built to withstand the rigors of any kitchen environment.

      Snap Button Design: The innovative snap button system not only adds a stylish touch but also allows for easy on-and-off functionality, making it ideal for busy chefs.
        Mix-and-Match: The Frisco Snap Butcher Apron features a detachable neck strap that is sold separately. This allows you to mix and match different neck straps to create a custom look that fits your personal style.
        Adjustable Fit: With various strap options, you can ensure a comfortable, customised fit every time.

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        Mix, match, and create a look that’s uniquely yours. Shop now and unleash your creativity with Chef Works! 

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