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Visit us at our Kowloon HQ. Wanchai Showroom closed for Renovation.
Visit us at our Kowloon HQ. Wanchai Showroom closed for Renovation.
May's Chef of The Month: Meet Chef Jeffery - of The W Hong Kong

May's Chef of The Month: Meet Chef Jeffery - of The W Hong Kong

Introducing Chef Jeffery, a seasoned culinary professional with over three decades of experience working in kitchens across the globe. Throughout his illustrious career, he has been honored with numerous prestigious awards, with the pinnacle of his achievements being part of Singapore's National Culinary Team, which boasts a multitude of regional and global accolades.

His culinary prowess has graced the dining tables of renowned hotels and restaurants in the United States, Singapore, and China. Notably, he has served as the executive chef at esteemed establishments in China and overseas.

Chef Jeffery Siew


Brief introduction of your Restaurant/Working Place/Dish

At W Hong Kong, my culinary creativity shines through in various culinary offerings. Guests can indulge in the delectable delights presented at the celebrated KITCHEN buffets or explore the extensive a-la-carte menu and exquisite afternoon tea sets at WOOBAR.

I take immense pleasure in crafting Pacific Rim cuisine that captivates the senses, and I also showcase gastronomic gems from my beloved hometown of Singapore. Picture savouring the tantalising flavours of my signature Laksa—it's an experience not to be missed. 

For example from now to May 31, 2024, KITCHEN presents the "Global Campfire Barbecue" buffet. The essence of barbecue lies in the "sauces," and this buffet showcases the mouth-watering flavours of charcoal grilling through the use of various sauces and spices, such as The Beef Cubes in Eight Treasures Sauce, juicy Grilled Char Siu pork belly, Savoury Sauna Steamed Prawns and more.

Also our new Afternoon Tea set "Spring Serenade" at WOOBAR, all the savoury and sweet treats are infused with different specialty teas from TeaWG, complemented by fresh ingredients such as citrus fruits, pineapple, and lime, to create refreshing flavours and accentuate the subtle tea aromas.

With my expertise and passion for the culinary arts, I am dedicated to providing exceptional dining experiences for the discerning guests of W Hong Kong. 

Where does your cooking inspiration come from?

My inspiration is mainly from my travels around the world.

The combination of my insatiable curiosity for new ingredients, boundless creativity, and unwavering passion for all things food has led me to develop a distinct culinary style known as avant-garde Pacific Rim cuisine.

What is your first memory in a kitchen?

My first memory in a kitchen is a vivid reminder of the importance of safety. It was during my early days working in a Chinese restaurant when my colleagues encouraged me to try cooking for myself. Eager to learn and showcase my skills, I enthusiastically took on the task.

As I stood in front of the blazing stove, I quickly realized the challenge that lay ahead. The intensity of the fire beneath the wok was far greater than I had anticipated. As I attempted to Wok fry the food, I struggled to control the flames and the heat, and nearly injured myself.

From that moment on, I made it my mission to prioritize safety in every aspect of my culinary journey. I set my own policy that the kitchen has to implement clear instructions on each machine to ensure that your team members have the knowledge and understanding necessary to handle the equipment properly.

I sought to enhance my knowledge of kitchen safety practices, ensuring that I was well-prepared to handle any situation that may arise. 

Your specialty dishes? 

The Pacific Rim cuisine offers a unique and exciting blend of flavours, drawing inspiration from the diverse culinary traditions found around the Pacific Rim. Some of my specialty dishes are:

  • Chocolate Foie Gras Nougat,
  • Citrus Beurre Blanc confit Salmon,
  • 72 hours slow-cooked Beef Short Rib with Pistachio Crust,
  • Baked Masala Cod with Mango Salsa,
  • Mango Espuma with Jasmine Tea Caviar. 

Who would you most like to cook for and why?

It would undoubtedly be my dad. He played a significant role in my life, especially when it came to cooking.

Despite our financial struggles, he always managed to create delicious meals that brought comfort and joy to our home. From the very young age of 6, he taught me the basics of cooking, starting with simple tasks like preparing rice.

Even though my dad may not be physically present today, cooking for him would be a way to pay tribute to his legacy and the impact he had on my life.

Whether through recreating his favourite dishes or experimenting with new flavours inspired by our shared culinary journey, cooking for my dad whether in reality or in spirit, would be a heartfelt way for me to express my love.

What is your favourite thing to do when not cooking?

Travel and explore new places. 

Whether it's wandering around Hong Kong, my hometown, or venturing to other destinations, I find great joy in discovering what's new and special in each location.

Hong Kong, with its vibrant energy and ever-changing landscape, provides endless opportunities for exploration.

Traveling allows me to immerse myself in different cultures, experience new sights and sounds, and indulge in diverse culinary delights. 

Where is your most favourite city and why?

New York City.

Having worked there before, the city holds a special place in my heart for numerous reasons. NYC, to me, symbolises freedom, casualness, creativity, and a unique sense of boundless energy.

One of the things I love most about NYC is its vibrant and diverse atmosphere. The city is a melting pot of cultures, lifestyles, and ideas, creating a dynamic and ever-evolving environment. 

Your greatest indulgence? 

My greatest indulgence is participating in culinary competitions. 

Over the years, I have had the privilege of attending over 10 culinary competitions, both on an international and regional level. These competitions have been a source of immense joy and personal growth, allowing me to push my boundaries and showcase my skills in a competitive environment.

Culinary competitions provide a platform for me to express my creativity and passion for cooking in a unique and challenging way.

What would be your last meal?

If I had to choose my last meal, without a doubt, it would include durian. 

Durian is a fruit that holds a special place in my heart and taste buds. Its unique and distinctive flavour, combined with its creamy and custard-like texture, makes it a truly unforgettable food/fruit. 

One memorable dish and where you had it?

One memorable dish that stands out in my mind is the 48-hour Dry Aged Smoked Peking duck I had last year at a restaurant in Harbour City.

What struck me most was the contrast between the crispy skin and the tender, pink-coloured meat inside. The meat was cooked to a perfect medium, and the marinade used on the duck was impressive.

The Peking duck's skin was flawlessly cooked to achieve a remarkable level of crispiness as well, the moment I took a bite, I was greeted with a delightful crunch, followed by an explosion of flavours.

A treat that reminds you of your childhood?


During my younger years, when financial resources were limited, chocolate was considered a special indulgence and a rare treat. It was something reserved for special occasions or as a reward for good behaviour.

Now, when I savour a piece of chocolate, whether it's a smooth milk chocolate or a decadent dark chocolate, it serves as a reminder of the progress I have made and the ability to appreciate life's small luxuries. 

If you could bring 3 ingredients to a desert Island, what would it be?

I would choose coconut, aloe, and chocolate. 

Coconut would be my first choice due to its versatility and multiple uses. The coconut's outer husk can serve as a container, providing a means to collect and store water, which is crucial for survival. Coconut meat can be consumed raw or used in various culinary creations. Additionally, coconut water is hydrating, ensuring that I stay hydrated in the island's harsh environment.

Aloe would be my second choice. Aloe vera plants are not only a valuable source of hydration, but also provide relief for minor burns or skin irritations. 

Chocolate would be my third ingredient, it provides a sense of comfort and happiness, acting as a morale booster during challenging times. 

What is your favourite unusual flavour pairing/mix-and-match?

One of my favourite unusual flavour pairings is the combination of tea and cheese. While wine pairings are more commonly known and practiced, exploring the unique flavours of tea alongside different types of cheese has been a delightful discovery for me.

Tea, with its diverse range of aromas and flavours, complements the complexities of cheese in unexpected and intriguing ways. 

What will really make you angry at work?

One thing that truly has the potential to make me angry at work is when attention to detail is lacking. 

Specifically, when it comes to presenting dishes, it can be infuriating when someone carelessly places them in the wrong direction or fails to consider the overall presentation.

Attention to detail is a fundamental aspect of professionalism. It demonstrates a dedication to providing the best possible experience for our guests. When this attention to detail is lacking, it can lead to a breakdown in the overall quality of service and can be frustrating for both the customers and the team. 

What is your favourite thing about your career?

My favourite thing about my career is the freedom to create, the opportunity to receive feedback, and the ability to learn and evolve from it. 

In my line of work, I have the opportunity to exercise my creativity and explore new possibilities. Whether it's designing a new dish, crafting a compelling story, or solving a complex problem, I am constantly challenged to think outside the box.

Another aspect I appreciate about my career is the feedback I receive from others, both positive and negative. While positive comments are undoubtedly gratifying and affirming, it is constructive criticism and negative comments that provide valuable opportunities for growth and learning.

The ability to accept and learn from both positive and negative comments is a valuable skill that extends beyond my career.

What would you like to say to the young people who have just started their career in the culinary field?

The culinary field is an exciting and rewarding industry, but it requires a significant amount of physical and mental preparation.

  • Be physically prepared: Working in the culinary field often involves long hours on your feet, enduring high temperatures in the kitchen, and dealing with physically demanding tasks.
  • Be mentally prepared: The culinary industry can be intense and fast-paced, with high-pressure situations and time constraints.
  • Stay curious, passionate, and dedicated to your craft. Embrace the ups and downs, learn from experiences, and always strive for excellence.

As a chef, what does your uniform mean to you?

As a chef, my uniform holds great significance and meaning to me. It represents more than just a set of garments; it embodies professionalism, passion, and pride, and plays a role in enhancing the brand I represent.

Uniform is a symbol of professionalism. It sets me apart and identifies me as a member of the culinary team. My uniform reflects my passion for the culinary arts. It is a visual representation of my chosen career path

Moreover, the uniform contributes to enhancing the brand I represent. Whether it's a restaurant, hotel, or culinary establishment, the uniform acts as a visual representation of the establishment's identity and values. It reinforces the overall image, professionalism, and quality associated with the brand. By wearing the uniform with pride and maintaining its appearance, I contribute to building a positive perception and trust with customers.


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