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Visit us at our Kowloon HQ. Wanchai Showroom closed for Renovation.
Visit us at our Kowloon HQ. Wanchai Showroom closed for Renovation.
Chef of the Month - Jason Au

Chef of the Month - Jason Au

Jason started his cooking career back in college in the United States of America and had pursued Hotel Management studies in Western cooking. After his studies, he was trained at the restaurant of Chef Hartmut Handke, a Certified Master Chef, who was a highly recognized member of the American Culinary Federation.

Jason officially started his culinary life in Japanese cuisine after graduation. He first joined NOBU 57, a Japanese restaurant in New York and has worked at various locations in the world for the esteemed NOBU group – Dubai, Beijing and Hong Kong.

Other culinary experiences included several first class restaurant such as Jing’an Shangri-La Hotel and SOMA in Shanghai, CHINO, Cé La Vi, and HAKU in Hong Kong.

(1) Brief introduction of your restaurant/ working place

Kushio is led by a team of experienced and talented Japanese cuisine chefs who had worked experienced in Michelin-starred restaurants and are passionate about finding new ways to contribute their knowledge and skills to exquisite Japanese dining experience while maintaining the elegance of the tradition.

(2) Where does your cooking inspiration come from?

My cooking inspiration came from doing grocery shopping at the wet market.

(3) Your specialty dish? May you share with our readers the recipe, please?

 Edamame Miso Cold Soup with Foie Gras Truffle

- Dashi                            1L

- Miso                             70g

- Edamame puree            300g

- Foie gras                       100g

- Truffle                          10g

- Olive oil                        5g


  • Put all the ingredients in a pot and boil until the foie gras dissolve to make soup. It takes about 10 minutes.
  • Transfer the soup into a food processor. Blend it for 5 minutes.
  • Pass the soup through a strainer.
  • Chill the soup and serve it in a soup bowl.

 (4) Who would you most like to cook for and why?

On my day off, I would like to spend time with my family and friends. I can’t afford to take all of them to eat at where I work but I can cook them a quality meal at home.

(5) What is your favourite thing to do when not cooking?

 Camping and snorkeling with my family.

(6) Where is your most favourite city and why?

New York, I was trained at NOBU 57 at New York as a chef and got offered to transfer to Nobu Dubai as a member of the opening team. I got a chance to learn how to set up a new restaurant. I would say this experience I had in New York was a big steppingstone for my career life.

(7) Your greatest indulgence?

It used to be wine appreciation, but now it is parenting.

(8) What will really make you angry at work?

No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. I made mistakes all the time.

The only way to make us work better is to admit the mistake we made and learn not making the same mistake again. So, I don’t like people making excuses for their mistake.

(9) What is your favorite thing about your career?

Good vibe at work, able to enjoy fine food and drinks.

(10) What would you like to say to the young people who have just started their career in the culinary field?

-Good attitude comes first.

-Working in a kitchen is all about team work. Don’t be a hero alone.

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